Thursday, October 6, 2011

Inspiring Messages From General Conference

On The first and second of October we were blessed to hear from our Church Leaders, Apostles and the Prophet who gave inspired advice through this ever so trying world.... Here are some insights that really inspired me over this past weekend!
Richard G. Scott
The Lord provided a set of tools to help us through perplexing problems. Scriptures illuminate our minds, key to communing with the Father in Heaven. They can be stalwart friends. Great power can come from memorizing sripture, source of comfort, a need of change-can be a source of power and understanding. It becomes a enduring friend,  a key to unlocking revelation and gives one peace and potent power to heal us through life's challenges. Do we use ALL of the standard works? There are precious jewels spread throughout the Old Testament. The New Testament  has many guiding truths. Book of Mormon teaches truth with unique clarity. All who study them will find a treasure to lead them to a greater happiness.

Barbara Thomason
We can receive personal revelation through the gift of the Spirit. Which will fill our soul as we study the scriptures and seek to live righteous lives. There are many different forms of revelation. We can have guidance from the Holy Ghost. Let us earnestly Seek the Gifts of the Spirit. We must nourish and strengthen our testimony and be continually watchful. As you seek for personal revelation you will walk in the way of the Lord, which shall enlighten our understanding and will bless our families. We need not harden our harden our hearts and be open to receiving the Spirit.

Boyd K Packer
The Gospel plan is the great plan of happiness. We each have a divine path and future. We each have a power over the adversary and his angels, and temptations. WE should be guided and warned by the Spirit. "Feast Upon The Words Of Christ" Voice of the Spirit comes as a feeling rather than a sound. WE won't make major mistakes when we heed those sound warning from the Spirit. Repentance can heal all hurts no matter how big or small. Listen to the voice of the Spirit and you'll not be lead astray. Avoid all immorality and take a hold on your life and your never neyond the sight of your Heaven'y Father. WE trust the Lord to guide the way as He places trust in us. You can look forward to doing it right, where you'll be watched and protected.

President Dieter F Uchtdorf
The Church is pressing Forward. Always retain in remembrance the Greatness of God. God said We are the reason He created the glorious universe-that we might reach our potential-man is nothing-yet we are everything in the Sight of God. Exaltation is in our grasp. Satan tries to convince us to only be puffed up in our self importance. This life in mortal sphere is but a small moment. He that humbleth himself will be Exalted. Satan deceives through discouragement, that we are of no worth. At time we may feel forgotten, but God is always aware of us:
1. God love the humble and the meek
2. Entrust His Gospel to the weak and simple
3. No matter how meager you live-you are not invisible to God
4. He'll never forget or forsake us-learn to be His disciple in word and deed.
You matter to Him--we need to understand our worthy potential.
D. Todd Christofferson
Without Repentance there is no progression in life, its a divine gift, it points us to freedom and peace. It exists as an option because of the Atonement of Christ. Sanctiication through the Savior is just and true.
1. Invitation to repent is an expression of love
2. Strive to Change-we seek His Grace to compliment our efforts to strive and overcome. WE can steadily improve to live the Celestial Law.
3. Committing to Obedience and Abandoning of Sin-Turn to the Lord with your might, mind and strength. Humbling thyself before the Father (Baptismal Covenant)
4. Seriousness of Purpose and Perseverance despite pain involved- One's heart and desire change-becomes a Covenant with God.
5. Whatever the cost its swallowed up in the joy of Forgiveness.
*Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!

L Tom Perry
Through open temple open houses there is a focus on the church. The Church is always growing and moving forward. There is so many that are aware of the Church. There are many things we can do to help others understand the church as it really is.
1. Be Bold in our Declaration of Jesus Christ. Only though Christ can we receive Salvation. Press forward and Endure to the End. He shall bless and guide us in the time of trials.
2. Be Righteous Examples of others-in word, in spirit, in coversion, in purity. Our lives should be examples of Virtue-being honorable and upright.
3. Speak Up About The Church- gage the level of interest. We should be honest and respectful and be clear in what we say. Use the media to share your religious beliefs. The message of Christ is a Pearl. As you do this a spirit of love will be your constant companion.
Robert D Hales
There are so many blessings that come from the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Our purpose on Earth is to grow, develop and be strengthened in our own experiences. We need to have hope and faith in the Lord-planting that seed of Faith with great diligence. We need to stand fast and be pressing forward with faith. When we wait upon the Lord we are immovable. Everything worketh for our good. It can be challenging to wait upon the Lord-Line upon Line, Precept upon Precept. In the Lord's time and His way, His answers to our prayers will come. Let us wait upon the Lord- for there is many who wait upon Us--Family--for us to be patient and understanding. He knows our sacrifices and sorrows and He hears our prayers. We are beloved to the Lord more than we can imagine. We are not alone. His angels are here to bear us up.

Elaine S Dalton
We need to live after the manner of happiness which is found in the temple. Fathers are guardians of the Home, wives and children. They are to be guardians of virtue. We must practice virtue and holiness. Be present in your children's lives. Be an active part in their lives. Your testimony has a powerful witness.

Pres. Thomas S. Monson
We  have the Gospel of Jesus Christ-we are responsible for our actions-the laws of God have remained constant. Our cod of conduct is difinitive. Father in Heaven is unchangeable-its something on which we can rely. We must be vigilant, its essential to reject anything that doesn't conform with our standards. We need to have the gospel at our core, and Christ in our hearts. Its necessary to communicate with the Father so we can build a relationship with our Father in Heaven -where we will be entitled to His inspiration and guidance-what treasure they are. We always need to be worthy to receive revelation and then act upon it. His inspiration is necessary to weather the storms of life. 'Seek Ye Diligently and Ye Shall Find Me'. To stand in holy place and be not moved.

Russel M Nelson
A covenant is a sacred promise with God. There are many examples in the scriptures of those we were 'a covenant people'. We have the right to the Gospel and qualify for the blessing of Eternal life as we seek the Lord and be obedient to His commands. Ours is the responsibility to help fulfill the Abrahamic Covenant. This is the time of the promised gathering of Israel. The Book of Mormon is a tangible sign to us, of the covenant of Israel. The Lord has not forgotten. It helps us to make covenants with God. We have the right to receive His doctrine. When we know who we are and what is expected of us, His law to be written in our hearts. 'Covenant Keeper' is a blessed and happy state. We will be blessed now and forever.

Dallin H Oaks
'What Think Ye of Christ?' What are we doing from the belief of Christ. Jesus taught that 'He' was the only begotten son, so the world 'through Him' would be saved. he is the life of the world. Which He gave us as well as Eternal Life. That He is the way, the truth, and light. His teachings shows us the way back to the Father, Christ did the will of the Father. Jesus showed us how to follow Him and how to do the will of the Father. He shall guide us into all truth, and He also guides us through His commandments. He also challenges us to focus on Him rather than on the things of the world. Christ is the source of spiritual nourishment. "The Living Bread" The Atonement gives us the way to overcome spiritual death. 'What Think Ye Of Christ?' Where is our ultimate loyalty? There is no middle ground, our citizenship is in Zion-we should seek first to build the kingdom of God and establish His Rightteousness.

Randall K. Bennett
We shouldn't rationalize and ignore warnings. We need to evaluate each of the decisions that we make. Each of us have a diving nature and a divine destiny. We knew there would be suffering and trials but have the ability to make the correct choices. WE should look to the great mediator and choose eternal life. With every choice there is a consequence or blessings. Choose to follow the Savior=eternal life or the world which have negative consequences and would separate us from our families and our Savior. We all face adversity, it is never too late to make correct choices. His arms of mercy are always extended to us. Are we seeking the guidance of the Holy Ghost daily?

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