Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Books That Inspire: Peacegiver

how is Christ the answer to a strained relationship with child, parent or sibling? What if I am being mistreated — what does the atonement say about that? How can I discover the desire to repent when I don't feel the need to repent? These are the challenging questions of daily life, the questions to which the gospel must provide an answer if it is to have living, cleansing, redeeming power.
The Peacegiver is a book about the answers to these questions. In both content and form it is unlike other books about the atonement, for it unfolds as compelling story in which the characters learn about the Atonement as they struggle over the problems in their lives — problems we each share. The book therefore allows us not only to “learn about” the Atonement but also to have an experience with it.
“My peace I give unto you,” the Savior declared. The Peacegiver explores in a deeply personal way what we must do to receive the peace he stands willing to give.

My Thoughts:
When I first bought this book right around the time when it came out...I was just looking for a inspirational book on the Atonement. I was amazed about how much this book changed my life and my outlook on life and the gospel and especially Christ and his sacrifice. I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a way to become closer to Christ. I found that this author's approach to the Atonement, is more on a personal level....which made reading this book much more meaningful!!! So if your looking for a book that will inspire and bring you closer to Christ....than you should go to the closest book store and buy this will never regret it and one that you and your family will cherish!

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