Thursday, October 7, 2010

Come Unto Christ

I invite you to come unto Christ,
Though mere words cannot suffice.
May I, of His life expound?
That He, in your heart may be found?

During Our Lord's ministry,
Precious few came to know Him,
Though all He did made history.
Though He offered pure love to them.

He's our bright miracle
And our plan for happiness.
His arms extend to encircle,
With joy and love. He's Holiness.

There is no other name that saves.
He gives assurance to us.
There's no better path than he paves.
He teaches of faith, hope and trust.

It warms my heart to speak of Him
And of all He's done for me.
Through times of sorrow and of sin,
His love's been there enveloping.

His life's example paves the way.
I will strive to be like Him.
I'll keep my covenants and obey
What I promised at baptism.

May you find faith to do His will,
As the Spirit manifests.
Know that His promise does fulfill.
May you feel joy within your breast.

-President Eyring

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